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Baptism is a way of publicly professing your faith in Jesus Christ.  In a sense, it’s “going public” with your faith and expresses that the old life is gone and the new life has come.  Baptism doesn’t make someone a follower of Christ, but it communicates what has taken place in your heart at the time of salvation.  Jesus Commands all of his followers to be baptized (Matthew 28), so we believe that every person who believes in Christ should be baptized.

In the Methodist tradition, we baptize anyone of any age.  Parents of infants or very young children can make the decision to have their children baptized.  In doing so, they are  making a promise to bring their children up into a relationship with Jesus Christ so that the significance of their baptism can be lived out.  Older children and adults may choose for themselves to be baptized.

Baptism at The Compass Church may be done by sprinkling (water is cupped into the hand, which is placed on the head), pouring (water is poured on the head by means of a pitcher), or immersion (the entire body is submerged).

Baptisms are scheduled at various times throughout the year.  We look forward to walking through this meaningful and significant experience with you.

Is baptism your next step?  Contact your church campus office to get the process started.