Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Becoming a member of The Compass Church isn’t as easy as signing your name on the dotted line.  Membership  is about belonging, commitment, and ownership.  Being a member says, “This is my church and I’m going to passionately do what I can to help it achieve its mission.”  Is membership at The Compass Church a next step for you?

A “Membership Retreat” is our pathway to membership. The Membership Retreat is comprised of one Friday evening and one full Saturday to engage in Christian practices, investigate God-given gifts, and commit to the five vows of memership:

  • Prayers: I will pray daily for my small group and my church’s ministries, people, and staff
  • Presence: I will attend worship every Sunday and LIFE Group every week I possibly can
  • Gifts: I will tithe (10%) to my church, or give a percentage now and work toward the tithe
  • Service: I will use my spiritual gifts and abilities to serve in at least one ministry of my church
  • Witness: I will regularly share my faith and invite others to our church to experience God.

You’ll also experience community with others on the same path as you–building friendships, supporting each other in prayer and care, and simply experiencing life together.

Once you’ve completed the retreat, you’ll be asked to complete a membership application, which will include the following membership prerequisites:

  • A conscious decision to make Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord
  • Baptism (if you have not yet been baptized, this can be arranged for you)
  • Completion of the course session and daily workbook lessons
  • Agreement to practice the five membership expectations of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

If membership at The Compass Church your next step, contact your church campus office.