Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Imagine what our families, church, and community would be like if we all took the time to do what God uniquely designed each of us to do in serving others. The ripple effect of each person making their unique contribution would result in a revolution of Christ’s love being felt in tangible, life-changing ways. Whether you have lots of time to volunteer each week or only a few hours every once in a while, consider making the kind of impact that only you can make. Your life will never be the same!

Below is a list of a few ways you can volunteer to serve others.  These opportunities are available at all of our campuses unless indicated otherwise.


Graphic Design

This group of pixel pushers loves to create imagery. These designers help support our pastors’ sermons and also create graphic support for different ministries.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and members of this team have an eye for photos that make every one of those words about Jesus and His love, from capturing a new believer’s baptism, to snapping a shot of a smiling family at Easter.

Video Editing

Editing is about telling the best story possible. Using video editing software, these team members take pride in combining footage, music, and animation to help people come closer to Jesus.

Web Design

They work with Photoshop, CSS and HTML to generate and maintain the look and feel of The Compass Church website.

Website Administration

This team keeps The Compass Church website up to date with the latest & greatest, from uploading podcasts and series resources, to updating already existing content. No programming or design experience is necessary.

Bulletin Boards

This team creates artistic bulletin board displays to capture people’s interest in events and ministries.


First Aid

This team of heroes is the first to respond to medical emergencies throughout the campus. Those with formal medical/first aid training such as MD’s, RN’s, and EMT’s are preferred.


They help sort, mark, and prepare the Sunday offerings for data entry.  Will be background checked.


They use programs like Quickbooks, Excel, and Word to keep the accounts in order.  Will be background checked. Selma Campus only.

Building & Grounds

This team of hard-working volunteers keeps our campus looking beautiful, from pulling up weeds to laying down a new paint job.


These aquatic volunteers create a clean and healthy environment so our fish can thrive and continue to bring joy to the children. Selma campus only.

Set Up & Tear Down Team

Hustling is what this team is known for. They prepare the facility for weekend services.

COMPASS KIDS (Infants – 5th Grade)

Nursery Caregiver

This team has a love and passion for the littlest members of the SUMC community. Volunteers care for infants while parents attend service, whether it’s putting them down for a nap or playing peek-a-boo to make them laugh.  Will be background checked.

Classroom Teacher

Helping kids learn more about Jesus is the aim of Selma’s Children’s Ministry, and these volunteers are the hands that make it happen. Teachers use discussion and activities to bring the lesson of the week alive for the kids in their class.  Must be 18 and willing to attend one service and serve in the other. Will be background checked.

Classroom Assistant

They make themselves available to assist the teacher in whatever way is necessary, whether it’s helping out with an activity or just handling a disruption so that the leader can focus on teaching.  Must be 6th grade or older and willing to attend one service and serve in the other.  Will be background checked.

Sound & Video Engineering

These great volunteers keep the music sounding good and the video flowing smoothly, creating a complete worship experience. Will be background checked.


Members of this team have a smile on their face and a love for kids. They’re the first ones kids meet when they get to church. Volunteers who work the booth check in students to the children’s area and make them feel welcome. Will be background checked.

Worship Leader

These volunteers share their love of music and worshiping the Lord with the youngest members of The Compass Church. They sing and lead kids in active participation of praise and worship. Will be background checked.

Childcare Providers

These heroes make it possible for parents to participate in small groups or special events offered at the church.  Must be 14 or older, able to give 3 references, and complete an orientation course. Will be background checked.

Buddy 2 Buddy

These volunteers serve as  a friend, partner, and helper of a child with special needs during Sunday services.  Must be 6th grade or older and complete a 2-hour training course. Will be background checked. Selma Campus only.



These skilled motorists transport the youth to events and mission projects.

Snack Coordinator

Youth love a good snack!  This person schedules the snack providers for weekly youth group.

Snack Providers

These volunteers provide the goodies that make youth group gatherings fun.


Hospital Visitation

This team is characterized by compassion and care-giving. They visit and pray for patients in hospitals and nursing homes until they are released.

Call Team

This team gives an encouraging phone call to those in the congregation who may be experiencing hardships or just need a friend.

Prayer Team

These prayer warriors are vital to The Compass Church and the community. They receive weekly prayer requests from the congregation and commit to pray for them.

Card Ministry

These uplifting volunteers send cards of encouragement to people in the church community.

Funeral Dinners

These compassionate volunteers do set up and clean up, provide a food dish, and/or serve at a funeral dinner.

Meal Ministry

This team using their cooking skills to bless the lives of those experiencing transitions, surgeries, tragedies or births.


Communion Servers

These volunteers assist in serving communion to the congregation.


This team uses their talents to bring the good news of Jesus to life in our worship services through readings, skits and plays.


These songbirds are the face of the worship experience at The Compass Church. From the stage, they lead everyone in worship.


This team of hard-working volunteers makes the worship experience possible by lending their musical talents on Sundays.

Seasonal Choir

These vocalists love to add their voice to a group during occasional choir performances. Selma Campus only.

Stage Design

The members of this creative team have talents that range from being pros with power tools to having the endless imagination. They work to make the The Compass Church worship environment look amazing and reflect the creativity of God.



This team is on the front lines of creating the friendly environment The Compass Church is known for, making each and every person feel welcomed.

Connection Team

Helping newcomers get connected is the prime objective of this team of volunteers.  These volunteers make each and every guest feel welcomed with a smile, a handshake, and personable conversation.


From passing out offering plate to helping seat latecomers, these volunteers comb the aisles throughout different parts of the service. They greet those that walk into the sanctuary.



Small groups are essential for connecting with others and growing in Christ. These volunteers are at the front lines of that, leading discussion and investing in its members with time and prayer.


These hospitable folks open their homes to their LIFE Group, providing the warm and comfortable environment for relationships and spiritual conversations.


Global Missions

This team is all about working together to spread the Gospel to every corner of the globe. Volunteers can go on the mission trips, help with preparations here at home, or both!

National Missions

This team is all about working together to spread the Gospel within the US. Volunteers can go on the mission trips, help with preparations here at home, or both!

Local Missions

This team works to share the love of Jesus close to home by serving with great local organizations, such as Inside Out Muncie and our very own food pantry.


Video Production

Lights, camera, action! This team jumps behind the camera and gets all of the action on film.

Video & Lighting Engineering

This team keeps the lyrics flowing smoothly and the lighting just right, creating a complete visual experience in worship.

Sound Engineering

Sound check! 1-2-3! These sultans of the soundboard make sure that every mic and instrument are in sync – and not screeching with feedback.